2 Oct 2011

Well, Hello Again!

Posted by divamar

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ok, it just took me 10′ to log into my blog…I forgot both my login name and password. I guess it’s been a while since I’ve been on here!

I don’t have the time to go into many details about my training. It’s not very exciting anyway; just been steady and improvements consistent. My goal since starting back into a regular running program was to regain my pelvis stability,  build my volume back up and from that, get stronger and hopefully faster. I didn’t have any expectations on getting back to where I was before I got sick . I just wanted to get fit and strong again which meant I had to, above all else, run consistently; no set backs due to “trying to get at it too fast” injuries. I did get stronger over the summer. I got my volume up to 100-120km/week and even did a few 130-140km/weeks-nothing too crazy but enough to give my system something to adapt to.

I ran my first road race at the beginning of August (Squamish Days 10km) and ran a solid 36:06. Since then, I have continued build endurance. My alternating pace tempo runs over the past two months got longer without more effort so I knew I was moving along in the right direction.

I wasn’t able to get away to run the 10km National Championships in Toronto last weekend and so with no local 10km races going on,  I did my own 10km time-trial along Lochside. I tapered for it and treated it like a race as much as I could. Ian Hallam wanted to run 35′ at his tempo pace (3:30/km) as part of his workout that week so we planned that I would tuck in behind him and see if I could hold on. I did pretty well for the first 5km hitting the turn-around at 17:40. My legs weren’t feeling all that frisky so I knew 3km in there would be some porno breathing in the last km or two…and there was.  I ran 35:34 so it was worth the strange looks I got from cyclists passing by who caught my performance in the last km or so.  I was pleased I got in a quality 10km in preparation for the GoodLife Fitness Half marathon which is now just a week away. Last year I watched this race go by as I stood holding on to my walker for support. I remember feeling pangs of fear and sadness as I watched the competitors run by wondering if I would ever be able to actually run again. Well, here I am a year later and am quite frankly surprised by how far I have come. This weekend’s race is going to be a celebration of how fortunate I am to have my health, my family and my friends, all of whom helped me through this past year. I’m one lucky girl.

On another note, my clinics continued to grow in popularity over the summer. I am still really enjoying every clinic I give and love meeting and working with so many wonderful runners in the community. The feedback has been extremely positive and I learn so much with every clinic I teach. I’ll be speaking at the race expo this Saturday at noon if anyone is interested in hearing about what I do and what Mindful Strides is all about. I get just 20′ to sum up what I do. It won’t be pretty.

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7 Responses to “Well, Hello Again!”

  1. Yo,

    Interesting reading your line about standing on the sideline with your walker last year. I will be standing on the sideline this year of course in a cast. Actually, I may be in a lead vehicle with cameras, but either way, that line hit home.

    Nice to see that you are almost exactly all the way back to where you were before you got the infection – not quite, but getting close, eh!! Nice to see. Good for you.

    I can’t wait. Have a great race.



    Christopher "Coleslaw" Kelsall

  2. […] Marilyn Arsenault is back! 35:34 solo, paced time trial for 10k. Wow. […]

  3. Thanks Slaw and you’ll be back at it in no time! So happy that you got it done and out of the way and can look ahead now! Happy healing!



  4. I heard your talk this last weekend. It was inspiring! Thank you. I was running after only 6 weeks off with only hip bursitis( (3 yrs ago it was a hip fracture), so I ran a very slow 8:50 pace in the half, and I saw you fly by on the return along the waterfront. I must say you looked great! Glad to see you healthy again.


    Sheri Steele

  5. Thanks Sheri! Please consider taking the Mindful Strides clinic! I would love to try and help you with your hip issues.



  6. Welcome Back! Looking forward to watching you get faster on this next training stint. Congrats on an Awesome 10k of 35:34. Well done!



  7. Thanks Lonegazelle!



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