Well… that didn’t go as envisioned at all

I got out to Thetis early on Sunday morning and started running laps just after 4am. Things were going along swimmingly for the first seven laps, times were consistent, I was hydrating and fueling well and feeling really good. But that changed as I came into the little aid station I had set up after my seventh lap – my drop bag with all my supplies was missing : ( I wandered a bit looking to see if whomever had taken the bag maybe trashed it or just moved it but it was nowhere to be found.

Someone had walked off with a mother-load of shot blocs, gels, some pre-mixed nuun/malto concoction, both of my headlamps, some leukotape, a few Advil and salt pills, a sweet pair of smart wool socks plus some other miscellaneous stuff.

I had enough supplies on my back to get in one more lap, maybe two if I stretched it, but decided to end the early laps, head out for some food and then return for the Relay later. I got some food but started to get a chill and the shivers arrived so instead of heading back for the Relay I called it a day and headed home for a hot shower and some time in front of the fire.

I was initially pretty bummed about the drop bag going for a walk but in the end it’s just stuff and can all be replaced… I’m going with the thought that whomever took it needed the stuff more than I did?

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