5 Mar 2012

MEC Raindance 10km

Posted by pricey

This wasn’t exactly your everyday 10k road race.  Well, at least that’s what I was thinking as I was hauling my ass up the trail running parallel to Mosquito creek after blitzing a quad crushing 3:20km down some quiet residential streets in North Vancouver.

The appeal of this low key, no frills event, was mostly the cost.  $10 for 10km seemed like a pretty good deal to me, the course looked challenging and I wanted to support Mountain Equipment Co-op and their vision of hosting several cheap and fun races per year.

Around 150 people signed up for the 10k and as we gathered for the race briefing, I positioned myself near the front of the pack, happy to go out hard, try to hold on and see where that left me.  I noticed a pack of blokes from the Greater Vancouver Orienteering Club, waited for the signal and took off after them.  Right away the pace was fast, it didn’t feel too uncomfortable being downhill, but I also knew pretty quickly that I couldn’t keep up with these guys and broke off the front pack of 4.

The first K went by quick, 3:30 quick and I wondered if I had bitten off more than I could chew.  My heart rate was maxed, I was flying downhill, on the road,  and my quads were already feeling the heat.  But having briefly studied the elevation, I knew that if I could get down and over quickly, and then start the Mosquito creek climb I would be in a good place for a strong finish.

And that’s what happened over the next 7k’s, I blasted the downhills, then chugged back up along the creek, and was rewarded with some steep fast pavement to condition my quads on.  I ran strong in 4th place, the leaders slowing increasing the gap on me while I slowly increased the gap behind me.

I was pretty much on auto pilot,  already thinking about the last lap around the high school track and how good I was running when I ended up on Capilano Rd with absolutely no idea of where I was or where I needed to go.

I stopped, looked right to Cleveland dam, then left down to Henry’s Grocery and back up to the Dam.  Lost, and slightly deflated I looked back up the way I had come and saw no one getting closer.  Defeated, I started to run back,  asked a couple of dog walkers for help and was kindly pointed back on track.

Fired up, I was off again and full pace, and even managed to pass a few guys as I wound the streets for the final 800 meters or so.  I managed to come in 6th overall in somewhere around 45 minutes which I was stoked with.  It was a well organised event and a great change to some of the other local races which can get quite bloated and overpriced.  I really enjoyed the challenging route with its nice mix of road and trails, and the whole grass roots feel of the day.  Congrats to Sean and crew who put on a great event.

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2 Responses to “MEC Raindance 10km”

  1. Nice work.



  2. Nice work from you too mate, and nice pink backpack for 2nd place!



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