18 Mar 2012

Dirty Duo 2012

Posted by pricey

What a day, and I’m not just talking about all the awesome racing out on the north shore trails. My  post race activities saw me up in Whistler for a good friends stag party, including hot tub, beers, good friends and an evening packed with good natured shenanigans.  All this excitement saw the days action spiral into a fully packed 24 hours.  Not to bore you with all the details, I’ll only chronicle the mornings activities here.

2012 would mark my third Dirty Duo and my third year racing on a relay team with my good mate and self proclaimed ‘bike whisperer’ Chris McGregor.  McG has a close personal affiliation with Different Bikes bike shops and was fortunate enough to be asked to ride the BC Bike race on their team last year, so this year we entered our team under the name of Different Bikes.

Our last 2 showings at this race were a mixed bag.  A strong run year and a weak bike, followed by a weak run and a strong bike, we really weren’t sure what would happen this year.  I was feeling strong and McG, well, who knows what he was feeling, the only training he would report in on was performing the Duane Brousmiche prescribed ‘clam’ exercises to ‘try and get his glutes firing’.

Personally, I was feeling strong and had been careful not to over train coming into this race.  Lots of focus on the short hard stuff, a slow build and smart taper saw me line up feeling strong and excited to rip up the challenging course ahead.  I got a bit caught up in the initial rush at the start and probably went out a bit too quick but was able to settle down into a comfortable early racing pace after 20 mins or so.  My plan was to get over to Bridle path relaxed and try to increase the tempo and race from there.

By the time I got over to Bridle, I was alone and left with the thought that I’ll probably stay like that for the rest of the race.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Every now and again I would glimpse the bright yellow toque up ahead as worn by my buddy Tom Craik, and that was enough to ensure there was no slacking off. I kept working hard and before I knew it I could hear conversation behind me.  The voices got closer and by the time they joined me we had form a train of 4 or so, working a hard pace across Bridle path over towards Old Buck.  Working the pace with some company we were able to make up some ground on Tom and arrived at Old Buck as a group of 5.  Myself and Tom running the 25k relay, Colin Miller (50k), Dario Herrera (50k) and a solo racer, all chugging up old buck.

I smartly stuck with Tom for the rest of this climb right up to Ned’s.  The pace was comfortable, as was the company and we just stuck into the grind.  There were a few changes of position, but by the time we got over to Ned’s, Tom and I we ahead and when Tom stopped at the aid station for a gel, I shot off down Ned’s and tried to put on as much of a gap as I could.  I love running down hill, the more technical the better and coming in close to 180lbs I tend to try and use it to my advantage, so I was pretty surprised when I felt someone right on my heels mid way down.  I was more surprised when I realized it was Tom and I complimented him on his style as I let him fly past.

When the downhill ran out, I worked the flat to try and catch up and we ran Bottletop (favorite), Fishermans (chatty), and Hmestead (strong) together before acknowledging somewhere around the Gazebo that the race was on.  I felt good, and still quite strong.  I was enjoying the race, enjoying the company and as Tom was a favorite in this race I was enjoying my overall performance. As the pace intensified the conversation stopped, briefly, Tom pulled ahead, but I refused to let him get away, and we ran hard together until Tom’s superior technical skills allowed him to pull away.  I was left to slop my way thought the swamp (Diamond Trail) and navigate through the cemetery alone.

McG met me up the road, offered some encouragement before shooting back to the transition and as I rounded the corner I tagged him in and set him off with the weight of trying to hold onto 3rd place for the 30km bike leg.

My run time was 2:26:15, and put us in a great place starting the Bike. McG had a personal best ride as well (2:13:35) and pulled us thought to a 4:39:50 combined finish which was good enough for 4th place in the men’s division.

As always the Dirty Duo proved to be an outstanding day, good people and good racing across a number of disciplines, good food and good times.

Full results here.

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2 Responses to “Dirty Duo 2012”

  1. Great times boys! Pricey how did Old Buck feel?



  2. Katie, Old Buck was a breeze thanks to all those Wednesday night sessions #secretweapon



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