29 Mar 2012

Harrys Spring Run Off 8km

Posted by pricey

tank hunting his prey ...

Whats this? Another race report? Well, sort of, lets call this one part race report and part training update.

My plans to race often this year are mostly centered around the notion that if I want to run fast, I have to train hard and I usually don’t work any harder unless I’m racing.

Enter the training race.

For me a training race is great opportunity to experiment with pacing, nutrition, gear etc.  I will turn up tired and would have done a hard session the day before and days leading up to the race.

Harry’s Spring Run Off is a great example of a good training race for me as I generally would never hammer out 8k’s in 30 odd minutes if not in a race environment. My plan for this one was to go out hard, stay under 4 min k’s and see how it all hung together. My first k was ran and 3:30 and I added a few seconds in each subsequent to pull out an average pace of 3:49 min/km which I was pretty happy with.

I really had no expectations for this one, just wanted to hammer out a good hard run and having a few speedsters to chase around the sea wall certainly helped.  So did the weather.  Stacey, Katie, Craig and Nicky all had solid runs and a great morning was had by all as we soaked up some post race rays and basked in our first little taste of the glorious miles to come this summer.

Coming up this weekend is another training race, the April Fools Half.

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  1. Solid effort monster.



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