10 Apr 2012


Posted by pricey

It was no April fools this year when I smashed out a half marathon PB of 1:24:41 over on the Sunshine Coast in BC just a few days ago.  It wasn’t my intention either. I was actually hoping to PB in the half marathon next month at the BMO and have it as a goal race, but hey, ill take what I can get these days and obviously am super stoked at the results of the fools run.

Logistically there are a couple of options with the race. You can arrive on Saturday and spend the night or take the early ferry over on race morning.  We opted for the former and hooked up a room in a cabin through a mutual friend and Luluemon run ambassador Julie Bertrand.  There was around 10 of us in the group and Saturday evening was sharing some laughs, playing cards and chatting over some awesome chicken curry.

Going into the race on Saturday, I was thinking id like to run around 1:30.  With BMO the short term goal and a few 50 milers this summer, I wanted to get in a nice long hard tempo and was using the fools run for this.  However the funny thing about a race is that it exactly that, a race, and if you have a competitive mindset, once you get going, its pretty hard to slow down.  As usual, I started off a bit too fast, positioned myself with some of the stronger runners and went at it.  My first 3 k’s we around 3:50 pace and I couldn’t seem to slow myself down.  It felt comfortable running at that pace, so I just kept at it, hoping I wouldn’t burn out before the major climb around 14k.

The fun part of the race came early when I realize I was running with Josh, one of our cabin buddies the night previous. He was running the relay leg with Troy, and they were planning on exchanging every 5k’s.  I managed to pull ahead of Josh around the 4km mark, and was promptly passed by Troy after their exchange somewhere around 6 or 7km. I made some good time in the next 7km and passed a bunch of people before settling into the long 3km climb.  I was still feeling strong and started reeling people in on the climb. Josh was one of them. After passing Josh I tried to put in as much of a gap as possible as I knew that Troy would be able to catch me easily. It helped that I was running stride for stride with a fellow called Volker, who simply would not let me pass him. After cresting on the Highway, Troy joined us for the final 4km push home.

Troy set the pace on the downhill urging me to go with him and for a while I didn’t think I could hold on, but somehow managed to stay with boys as we hit the flats and last k or so. Surprisingly, I still felt strong and decided to push the pace, using it as my last ditch chance to get away, however that action led to all 3 of us pushing harder and harder just waiting for someone to break. Troy was the first to let up, probably just so he could watch Volker and I battle it out, and a solid battle it was as we had been stride for stride for the last 6k.  Words of encouragement were flying around and I managed to get the first foot on the bridge just before edging Volker out crossing over the line. Troy was immediately over just after us and we were all pretty stoked about the last little push, good times had by all.

Stacey also ran a PB and came in very soon after in 1:43 and looking to be in great shape for the BMO marathon early May that she has been tirelessly training for.  The sun came out at the finish and from chatting to the many smiling racers there were PB’s galore – a great early start to the season.



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2 Responses to “Fools”

  1. I still remember your words from the Fall Classic a few years ago… “Ray I gave it everything I had… I don’t think I can run the half any faster, ever.” You liar! Awesome work.



  2. Nice run Pricey, awesome time.



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