25 Apr 2012

The longest steet in the world

Posted by pricey

Way back in 1998, Guinness recognized Yonge St in Toronto as the longest street in the world. At 1896km it runs from the waterfront in downtown Toronto all the way out to Lake Simcoe in Ontario.  It is arguably the ‘Main’ street in Toronto and has a long and rich history.  It also made up over 60% of a neat little 10km race that I took part in on Sunday.

I’m not sure if I was in town on business and decided to do a race or weather I was in town for a race and decided to do some business but either way I was in town and going to run a 10km race on this long and famous street. 10km has never been a favorite distance of mine, but its the distance that got me started running, a great test of overall leg speed and a solid benchmark for future tempo training sessions.

Come race day and I wasn’t feeling the usual excitement for the race, my body was tired (I really do struggle with the east coast time zone) and even thought I have a home away from home there at my good friend Nunos place in Toronto’s Liberty Village, I really was just feeling out of place.  In any case, the run being a point to point we got over to the start nice and early and I was able to get in a quick pit stop and nice warm up before getting settled in the back of the first corral.

where's pricey?

A 10km race really does go by quickly and I really can only recall a few things aside from the suffering;

  • I could actually see the race leaders for the first 1km or so
  • I was running behind some Kenyans and as we passed by a small child I overhead “look mum, there are some black ones”
  • It hurts
  • There was a man playing a didgeridoo and it was awesome
  • 10km when laid out as a straight line is a lot longer that you might think
  • Pacing and pushing strangers is a whole lot of fun, especially at the end when you want to die
  • It hurts


I literally ran as fast as I could for the whole 10k and was rewarded with a new PB and a smoking fast time on 36:39.  To say I’m stoked is an understatement and I have to attribute this result to the friendliness of the course and perhaps a lower mileage week leading up to the race.  Whatever the reason, the stars aligned and ill take it.


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  1. So solid. Jealous. Looks like it hurts!



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