24 Jul 2012

30 days

Posted by pricey

Less weight more speed.

A common catch phrase for any athlete looking to try shave of seconds, minutes or hours in their given sport.

Me? Well I probably carry a bit more mass on my frame than the average runner and coming in around 185lbs, I was keen to try and shave off some excess in advance of the summer racing season. Luckily, the boys (Ed and Ben) over at Versus Training Center were in line with this and the timing was spot on for their 30 day challenge.

The rules were simple, for the month of June it was clean eating, no sugars, no booze, no wheat and no dairy for 30 days.  Results we to be measured by body fat, lean muscle mass and visuals with photos before and after.

The first few days were a bit tough because as clean as I thought I was in my diet, I had allowed a few bad habits slowly in, and weeding them out was initially difficult. A few days in though I had hit my stride and it was fairly simple to stay compliant, even on a heavy training schedule.

The results speak for themselves;

Weight 184.6lbs down to 174.6lbs
Body Fat 14.28% down to 9.78%
Fat Mass 26.36lbs down to 17.07lbs
Lean Mass 158.24lbs only down to 157.53lbs

For me, its all part of the training process, training to get leaner, stronger and ultimately faster.

Less weight more speed.

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One Response to “30 days”

  1. If you had posted these on Facebook it would have been douche. but since you really are a cave man and striving to convert veggie eaters everywhere to switch to your cave man food these are ok. However I think you should read Eat & Run + The Thrive Diet.

    nice work. I don’t think I could cut out chocolate so I would fail. watch out for charging deer.



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