20 Aug 2012

That awkward moment …

Posted by pricey

That awkward moment when you realize you only have 3 weeks between 50 milers.

Executioner at twilight

I have just got back from a great little twilight rip through the woods. It was my first time out in the trails since the Squamish50 a little over a week ago. I hit up the BCMC and felt exceptionally strong at the top. I then got some good turnover in heading down Mountain Highway before ducking down Executioner and chasing the remaining daylight down to the Baden Powell and across to power line, back down to my car.

For most of the 2 hours out, only one thought really occupied my mind.  Meet you Maker 50 on September the 2nd and what exactly to do between now and then?

With a solid week of recovery in the bag, its a bit soon to hit up a taper, but just how long do I need to be going the weekend before the race? How hard should I be running mid week runs? Recover, build and then taper again?  A week of each?  What about some extra recovery? more taper?

Vancouver as seen from Mountain Highway

In the end, I think ill be alright. My body has fooled my mind into thinking that it will enjoy running 50 miles again and I know that as MYM gets closer the excitement will build. In the meantime I’m just going to get out there, enjoy the rest of summer and just go with what feels right.

Brandywine Mountain and Haynes Valley both sound pretty nice this time of year.



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  1. Why haven’t you blogged about Meet your maker??



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