I live, work, and play in Victoria, B.C. on beautiful Vancouver Island. I train with the Island Road Racers and take part in many of the local running events in Victoria and around the Island. I plan on using this blog to chart my training, goals and results as well as a personal journal of daily stuff.

Jarhead's Island Running Adventures

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Jarhead's Island Running Adventures

“Tired from Training” or maybe it’s “Tired of Training”?

Sunday – May 13th, 2007

T and I had a slow and relaxing morning, enjoying a bit of a sleep in then some coffee at habit and a wonderful breakfast at Mo:lé.  Before heading home we went into MEC for a quick shopping trip and picked up a new daypack for T.

T took off late this morning to spend the rest of the day and evening with her Mom.  Once she was out the door I promptly fell asleep on the couch and didn’t wake up until Jules called to remind me that we had plans to meet.

Jules and I spent a couple of hours working on some travel details and we went over some silent auction stuff.  I came home after the meet and once again fell asleep on the couch – I think these last couple of weeks of training caught up to me today, even after two naps I am still feeling exhausted.  One last long double and then we start our taper…

This will be my last post to Jarhead’s Island Running Blog, tomorrow you will find my posts at:

Jarhead’s Island Running Adventures

Time Trials and Sprints – 41:08

Saturday – May 12th, 2007

It has been another celebration day for T, she had a couple of friends join her for some swimming, an A&W dinner, and then some bike riding at Juan De Fuca Rec.  The girls were given some lessons on the Velodrome and BMX Track.  It was the first time T had ever rode a track bike and it took her a few laps to get use to having no brakes but once out there did not want to come off, she rode her first time trial and sprint, it was very fun to watch.  After the velodrome lesson we went up to the BMX track and after getting a few lessons she got to ride a few laps on it.

I got in a quick run while the girls were swimming, running a few laps on the chip trail around Juan De Fuca.

Keep a look out here for a link to my new blog, tomorrow will be my last post to "Jarhead's Island Running Blog", I'll be changing things to a wordpress format with a new look and a slight name change, it will be called "Jarhead's Island Running Adventures".

Mo:lé is live! – 49:27

Friday – May 11th, 2007

There is another trio of Cruise Ships in port today and along with them all the passengers that I weaved my way through during the run to the Breakwater this afternoon.  With it being a gorgeous afternoon and all the traffic downtown I slowed up some and just enjoyed the cruise.

T joined me at work after she was done at school and then after I was done we made a trip out to wiink2 so that Nikki could do her hair.  Nikki is amazing and had T looking absolutely fabulous when she was finished.

I rave a lot about Mo:lé, and doubt it will end any time soon; they serve mind-blowing food.  Today I discovered that they now have a website!  Go check it out.

Mo:lé Restaurant

The 12th Dadiversary – 41:30

Thursday – May 10th, 2007

I started the morning off singing four a cappella renditions of “Happy Birthday” to T to wake her up.  There was the bouncy version, the jiggle version, the shaky version, and the tickle version, not too sure which she enjoyed the most :-)

T had an amazing day, spent her school day at Bear Mountain at the Children’s Festival and this evening we had her Birthday Dinner at Il Greco.  So many people came out it was incredible, even Diva made it out, staying up past her bedtime (now that is really incredible!).  It was a late night for T as well but after the royal treatment she received from everyone she was glowing when we got home, wanting to reread all her cards and play out the night for me one sentence at a time.

My workday was pretty uneventful, a pack run (15-16lbs) at lunch to Westbay Marina with a short detour up to MEC to pick up some flag patches.  The one shining moment was an email I received from Jen Segger-Gigg this morning, which had in it an inspirational quote that will follow me through these next few weeks of training:

"Don't ask for a light load but rather for a strong body to carry it"

This afternoon Scooter found a Gobi March 2007 Teaser Video

Gear Check – 1:44:22

Wednesday – May 9th, 2007

The legs were feeling pretty ragged today but I was able to run a double; a nice clippy paced run at lunch on the Songhees with Andrew G to Westbay and back and then a pack (14-15lbs) run, on the Songhees again, from the Youth Centre.

We had a Team meeting at Packman’s place this evening, running through all our mandatory gear, and seeing what is left to get.  As far a required equipment we only have a couple of pieces that are needed, a couple of sleeping bags and our blister kits, and then we each have some ‘comfort’ items that we’ll be taking.  So things are looking good as far as gear goes – I am a little stressed about our sleeping bags but am feeling confident that things will work out.

Next week we will be having a food meeting, our homework is for each of us to have a seven day meal plan worked out and then run through them at the meeting.  We’ll see how we are each looking calorie wise and then make any changes that are necessary.  Food is another little stressor for me but Packman has been a big help with some great meal ideas.  Will be fun to see how my meal plan compares to the rest of the Team.

On to a totally different subject – prepare for some changes to the blogs on Trainharder.com, there will be a bit of a facelift to mine in the near future and we are expecting some more local athletes to start blogging.

“Keep your form tight”

Tuesday – May 8th, 2007

Felt much more rested this morning after the day off yesterday and a wonderful sleep last night and there was no more zombie behavior at work.

The plan for tonight was 4 sets of 4 lap tire drags (approx 2 miles/set) with a 1 to 2 minute recovery and refuel between each set.  I started off with a couple of mile loops around the Park to warm up and then a quick pit stop before strapping on the harness and hooking up the tire.  As I was putting the harness on Hugh came cruising by so stopped to chat for a bit, he is looking fit and ready for this weekends duathlon.

I had left the watch behind this evening just wanting to run and not worry about how long each lap was taking.  I started off a bit too fast on the first set and after a couple of laps the legs were burning pretty good but was able to finish the set with out too much trouble.  The second set I went out more conservatively knowing that the third and fourth sets would be nasty if I pushed on this one.  It was on the third lap of this set that I ran into Coach Finlayson and the Apex Runners; it looked like they were just starting their warm up and as I grunted my way by with tire in tow there were words of encouragement and some cheers which put some spring back into the step.  On the fourth lap of this set Coach Finlayson uttered the sentence that would be my mantra for the rest of the workout, “Keep your form tight” – Those last laps are hard and I can only imagine what I must have looked like with the sweat pouring off my hat, leaning over and working hard to keep that damn tire moving – those four little words reminded me to shorten my stride, get that chest out, relax the jaw, lower and pump those arms, many thanks Coach!

Even though I had the mantra going it really didn’t make the last lap of the third or especially the fourth set any easier.  There is a section of road as you are going down the hill on Bridge Way towards the cricket field, the bottom third, that is really sticky and slows the tire right up.  This sticky section carries right along as you hang the right on Heywood Way and gets really sticky as you near Circle Drive.  It doesn’t let up until the tire clears the corner and you are headed up Circle Drive towards the Petting Zoo.  Tonight it almost stopped me in my tracks, it felt like there were heat blisters forming in my legs as I was nearing the turn onto Circle Drive - I wanted to scream!  After a few quiet expletives I made it past the corner and pushed up the last 100 or so metres to the finish.

I was done!   Any thoughts of a cool down had disappeared a few laps ago so after getting the harness off, the tire thrown back in the trunk and about a 10' zone out in the car I came home.

Bath, dinner, a few minutes in front of the TV and soon bed.

Good night…

Life like a Zombie

Monday – May 7th, 2007

I crashed hard last night and when the alarm sounded this morning it felt like only a few moments had passed.  Initially I thought, maybe, I had screwed up the alarm somehow but after wiping the sleep out of my eyes and a closer look at the clock I realized it was really time to get up.  My day has been very zombie like, slow, sluggish, and stupid tired.  I was a drone at work just putting in the time and motions to get through the day then had some chores to do after; laundry and the car needed a bath badly.

Once home I laid on the couch, reading and napping, for a couple of hours and now will finish this up and head to my bed.

Only a few weeks of hard training to go, tomorrow is a tire day…

Organ Donor – 3:23:59

Sunday – May 6th, 2007

For a change of scenery I headed out to Hartland for my run this morning.  I started from the parking lot and followed the Regional Trail all the way down to McKenzie Bight, along the Coastal trail for awhile before turning around getting back up to Ross Durrance and then up the Mt. Work trail to the summit, back down again and back to Hartland.  I spent some time kicking my own ass in Hartland running up and down the trails, some with names like; ‘Who’s yer Daddy’, ‘Orange Crush’, ‘Kokanee Hwy’, ‘Skull Trail’, and my favorite of the day ‘Organ Donor’.  I was supposed to run a little closer to 4hrs but had run out of water just after 3 so bee lined it back to the car not wanting to bonk to far away.

It was straight home after the run and a hop in to a wonderful salt bath.  I have spent the rest of the day lounging and relaxing.

Kinetic in Redwood – 2:17:29

Saturday – May 5th, 2007

T and I took it easy this morning, she came in to give me a hug around 8 and then went out to watch some cartoons.  I lounged in bed for a while longer before hoping out and getting breakfast ready.  After breakfast we met up with Packman and his girls for a trip to MEC.  We looked at a bunch of jackets and found one that will work well; the 'MEC Kinetic Jacket'.

We got some that are a nice bright Canadian Red colour, they called it 'Redwood'.

T and I wandered home after the MEC trip stopping at Mirage for some drinks and then a trip down on the Causeway to check out the early tourist stalls that were set up.

I got out for a run this afternoon, along the water up Dallas and Beach out past Willows Beach and then back through town and an out and back on the Breakwater coming home to clean up quickly and head over to Uncle Jimmy’s house to watch the De La Hoya fight.

Fatigued – 49:26

Friday – May 4th, 2007

Packman and Mrs. Packman dropped by the office today for a quick visit, and to check out some of the gear I had picked up yesterday.  We are still in need of some light weight insulated jackets so have decided to check out the options at MEC in the morning and see what we can find.

I ran and out and back to the Breakwater at lunch, no pack, running nice and easy.  I was entertaining some thoughts of a double but by the end of the day was feeling really wasted and with two longer runs on the schedule that I need to fit in over the next two days quickly forgot about it.

After the Youth Centre T and I have spent the evening lounging at home with dinner, some games and a bit of TV, well she watched some TV I napped for awhile :-)

Tis' the Season - Tourist Season – 52:06

Thursday – May 3rd, 2007

What a difference a day makes, yesterday Victoria was a quiet little town and today tourist season has struck.  It was crazy busy downtown this afternoon, tons of people wandering the streets, the Kabuki Kabs were out in full force and there was not one, not two, but three Cruise Ships docked next to the Breakwater.

I went out with the pack at lunch and attempted to run hard through town but the traffic was just too dense so slowed down and waded my way through carefully.  Once past the Causeway it opened up and strangely the Breakwater was not too bad, only a few people out on it, so was able to pick it up for the middle part of the run then had to slow up again to wade my way back through town.

After work T joined me and we headed out to Frontrunners Westshore to pick up some gear from Mark and Nick.  We are only a couple pieces away from having out our kits complete and it looks like we should have them in another week or so.

I’m addicted to ‘Lost’ – 1:46:33

Wednesday – May 2nd, 2007

Had the whole group out for a run at lunch, both Andrew H & G, Ased, Steve B and I made it to the Blue Bridge just after 12pm.  The five of us ran at a leisurely pace along the Songhees to Westbay Marina and back catching up and getting in some laughs.  Looks like Ased and I may be able to hook up again tomorrow at lunch for another run, will head out to the Breakwater this time.

After work I was able to get in another run while T was at the Youth Centre, just over an hour over much of the same route we took at lunch.  Picked up the pace a bit on the way back to see what the legs had in them, and it felt good.

The Team had a meeting at Packman’s place tonight; we went over the next couple of weeks.  We’ve got our Silent Auction in the works, will have more on that event in a couple of days, and we planned a meeting next week to go over our kits for the race.  In preparation for our look at the kits I’ll be heading out to Frontrunners Westshore tomorrow night to pick up some more of the gear that Mark and Nick brought in for us.

After the meeting I made it home just in time to watch ‘Lost’ and now will be heading to bed…

Good night :-)

Lost count – 47:11

Tuesday – May 1st, 2007

Ran into Ased on my way to the stairs this afternoon, he was out for an easy cruise to see how his legs were feeling after his awesome run on Sunday at the Times Colonist 10km, finishing it in 34:56, a new PB for him!  We’re planning to hook up tomorrow for another easy run at lunch.

After chatting with Ased for a couple of minutes I continued on my way to the stairs and started the climbing.  Here is how the workout went; ran 4 sets of stairs the first 3 sets were 3 climbs, every step, skip one, skip two the last set was 5, possibly 6, climbs, skip one step on each climb.  I had lost my count during my last set (don’t ask) and after a few climbs wasn’t sure if I had done 3 or 4 so ran up twice more just to be certain I did enough.  I am beginning to really enjoy running the stairs, even though they leave me feeling like a slug.

T spent the night at CragX with Lise doing her own kind of climbing.  When they finished up we all went to the Beacon Drive Inn for some ice cream.

Day off ? – 42:58

Monday - April 30th, 2007

Today was supposed to be a day off but my mileage was not all it was supposed to be this past weekend so I ditched the day off and got out at lunch.  My run took me through town and along the water past the Laurel Pointe Inn then up Dallas past the Breakwater, turning by Mile Zero and taking Douglas back into town towards work - a short, quick one today.

Not much else on the go, T and I have spent the evening at home getting some dinner and just relaxing.

Found a good picture of Pan-Pan and I from the Inaugural Fletcher's Challenge in the Frontrunner's Nanaimo Gallery

Times Colonist 10K – 1:04:58

Sunday - April 29th, 2007

Met up with Packman and Scooter about 20 minutes before the race this morning, and we got geared up with our packs and wandered down to the Start.  I am always impressed by the sea of bodies that turn up for the TC, 8533 finishers this year.  We got our selves in the line up near the 50-59’ marker and waited for the start.

We ran well, sticking together as a Team.  Scooter struggled some; she is still battling the sniffles and got a side stitch at about the halfway mark.  She ran through it all and we finished strong, holding hands across the finish line.

After the race T and I met James R and Sarah at Mo:lè for breakfast and then T spent some time with Shawna this afternoon.  I swung by Packman’s and picked up our gaiters and some EAS stuff before coming home.

T and I spent the evening with a walk down to the Breakwater and some warm drinks and then some games and geek time at home.

T’s Day – 3:01:48

Saturday - April 28th, 2007

It has been another whirlwind day for T.  She was up and out early going to Jazzercise with Roz, I met them and Miss Smith at Mo:lè later for breakfast.  After breakfast T and I wandered back home through downtown doing some shopping on the way.  Once home we both laid down for a nap but T got a call from Haley after just a few minutes, Haley and her mom were in the neighborhood and called to see if T wanted to join them for a walk out on the Breakwater – T was out the door in a flash.  This evening T was treated to a ‘Girls Night Out’ by the Ladies (Linds, Jules, Roz, and Miss Smith) they did dinner at Café Mexico and then a movie at Silvercity.  T got seriously spoiled today :-)

Jules brought  T home and then we spent some time looking over the 'Lonely Planet - China Guide Book' and some websites looking for some tour and activity ideas for them while they are in Kashgar.

While the ladies were out doing their thing I got in a longish run, up to Dallas then along the water out past Willows and the Uplands, turning around and coming back through town and then out on the Breakwater to finish up, ran with the pack, maybe 15-16lbs in it.  A good warm up for the TC tomorrow.

Bon Voyage – 48:39

Friday - April 27th, 2007

A picture from our Team track night with Coach Carter

It’s been a busy day - Team Gobi received some exciting news we were awarded some grant money from the VIRS which Scooter accepted at a press conference at UVic this afternoon, we were also given some entries into the TC10km that is happening this Sunday (we’ll use it as a Team training run and see if we can get some more people tuned into what we’re doing), I got in a late afternoon run out to the Breakwater, our EAS stuff arrived today (Woohoo for protein powder!!!) and then tonight T and I joined the gang at Sauce for a ‘Bon Voyage’ dinner for Michelle and Nick who are taking off to Vietnam for a year to teach English.  It was kind of a whirlwind afternoon and evening.

Was visiting the Gobi March 2006 site earlier and ran across this amazing video: Dune Diving

Was also visiting Dean Karnaze’s blog site this afternoon and saw that he has been nominated for one of TIME magazines Top 100 Most Influential People of the Year.

He posted this on his blog;

"While running is a solo sport, I have always felt that I belong to a larger community of likeminded individuals. As kindred spirits, we runners have always banned together and offered help and support to our brethren. Today, I am asking for your support.

If you feel so inclined, I am asking for your vote. I know making the TIME Top 100 is a long shot, but who knows, if we get enough support maybe we can make it a reality.

To vote, click on the link below. Select the rating scale, from 1 to 100, and hit the Submit button. If you want to pass this link along to others runners, you have my vote : )"


Singing Sand Dunes – 48:39

Thursday - April 26th, 2007

Scooter posted this picture on her journal a couple of days ago and I was awe struck by its beauty and its stark contrast, the lush greenness of the trees is dwarfed by the enormity of the dunes behind them.

I did a bit of Google and Wikipedia research and found that it was taken in China’s Gobi desert and is one of about thirty-five desert locations around the world where they have discovered the phenomenon of "musical sand".  Singing sand dunes produce a sound described as roaring, booming, squeaking, or the Song of Dunes.  This is a natural sound phenomenon of up to 115 decibels lasting as long as several minutes.  The sound is similar to a loud, low-pitch, rumble, and it emanates from the crescent-shaped dunes, or barchans. The sound emission accompanies a slumping or avalanching movement of the sand, usually triggered by wind passing over the dune or by someone walking near the crest. In 2006 Scientists announced that they had discovered how the singing sand phenomenon works: collisions between grains of sand cause the motions of the grains to become synchronized. The outer layer of the dune resonates like the cone of a loudspeaker. The particular note produced largely depends on the size of the grains.

Running on tired legs has been the focus of my training week so far and wanting to keep that focus I tried something a little different for my run this afternoon.  Left the pack behind and went out hard and ran hard for as long as I could hold it.  It did not take too long about 20’ before the legs blew, thoroughly fatigued.  I had to put in a couple more short bursts of speedy running to keep the legs fatigued and it was definitely a struggle during the latter part of the run to keep my form intact and keep some sort of pace going.

The run taught me a least one thing; I can keep moving, maybe not very fast, on legs that feel like total crap.

I’ve got a Storm whistle : ) – 41:07

Wednesday - April 25th, 2007

Was running late this afternoon and missed the lunch gang but I did make it out for a run, ran with the pack (14lbs) to Westbay Marina and back.  On my way out I crossed paths with Ased and Steve B who were cruising back into town on the Songhees.  Before heading back to work I took a short detour up to MEC to pick up my Storm whistle, it’s big and orange!

Tonight was a Youth Centre night for T and while she was there I got our laundry done and a few other errands run.

53 days until Gobi March 2007 – 2:02:01

Tuesday - April 24th, 2007

Work mate Robby joined me for the lunch run today, we cruised through town then out onto the Breakwater at a fairly leisurely pace finishing the run in just over 51’.

Tonight’s run in Beacon Hill was of a different class all together.  With legs that are still holding some of the weekends runs in them I belted on the tow rig, hooked up the tire and started the workout; 4 sets of 4 laps of the inner loop in the Park, approx 2 miles of tire towing per interval.  For each rest I spent enough time to get a good drink and get my breathing back under control before heading out again, probably in the 2 – 3 minute range.  The intervals were all in the 16’ – 18’ range with my last being the slowest and I was finished at the end, I sat down on the back of my car for awhile before getting things unhooked, unbelted and put away.  I then sat in the car for a few more before heading home.

The evening has been a quiet one, another salt bath, some dinner and soon bed.

Packman has started a Gobi March blog you can read it here: "Notes from the Edge"

Sore, sore, sore

Monday - April 23rd, 2007

I’ve been told that the second day is always worse and today lived up to that.  My legs felt like lead weights and every time I moved them they complained all I can say is “Thank-you for a day off!”

During work today I attempted to get away from my desk as often as possible even if it was just to stand up for a few seconds, if I sat down for too long the legs just seized right up.  Hopefully another Epsom salt bath tonight and a good night of sleep will have the legs feeling better tomorrow.  I will be attempting a double tomorrow, something easy at lunch to clean the legs out some and then a tire drag after work around Beacon Hill.

There was a G-Girl sighting in James Bay tonight, she appeared to be flying a patrol over the neighborhood, but thankfully I don’t think she recognized me - I didn’t want there to be an epic battle in James Bay Square.

Other than the G-Girl sighting and the Nucks game the evening has been fairly uneventful.

Mitchells or Matticks, I'm so confused? – 1:29:22

Sunday - April 22nd, 2007

I drove out to meet Pan-Pan and Lindsaylator this morning at Matticks Farm but had a bit of a brain gap and went out to Mitchells Farm instead.  Once I got there and pulled in the parking lot I realized my mistake, turned right around and made my way back to Matticks.  Even with the little detour I made it in the parking lot before Pan-Pan, he’s always late.

The three of us went for a very easy run down the Lochside Trail out towards Island View Beach, my legs were hurting today so thankfully both Lindsaylator and Pan-Pan were not into going very fast - they would have dropped me fairly quickly.

After the run we grabbed a coffee and then I had to head home.  Once home I soaked in an Epsom salt bath for as long as I could and then napped on the couch for about an hour.

I spent the late afternoon and evening with James and Sarah getting a massage, dinner and a movie – talk about spoiled!

The massage was intense, I’ve some nasty knots in these legs and they are still hurting quite a bit.  Tomorrow is a day off from training and it is going to feel amazing.

Team Gobi and Gowlland Tod – 3:58:12

Saturday - April 21st, 2007

The Team made plans to car pool out to Gowlland Tod Park this afternoon so my morning was nice and lazy.  I left the house around 11am and made my way over to Packman’s place stopping at Starbucks on the way to pick up a couple of coffee’s.  Packman jumped in and then we headed over to Scooter’s place and picked her up.  We ended up getting out to the park around noon, got geared up and headed out.

For our first out and back we ran from the Caleb Pike parking lot to the bridge just above McKenzie Bight, the round trip taking us around 3hrs.  For the second out and back we ran the other direction towards Mt.Finlayson and made it part way up before having to turn around and head back to the parking lot.  It was a pack run for the three of us, my pack had about 15-16lbs, and we were able to keep a very consistent pace.

I am definitely tired now and with plans for another longer run tomorrow decided to bail on plans to join some friends at Music Bingo tonight.  Will have to make up on all this social stuff sometime later…

Don't forget about the Flora London Marathon, it starts early tomorrow morning our time, 1am(ish).  Two of the Three Rogues will be running, The Flying Finn not being able to make the trip :-(.

You can track their results from:

Their numbers are:
Michael Lord - 991
Rumon Carter - 990

The stairs are lingering – 50:09

Friday - April 20th, 2007

I could still feel Wednesday’s stair workout in the legs this morning so doffed the pack for today’s lunch run and took it easy on my cruise out to the Breakwater in an attempt to flush the legs out some for tomorrows run.  Tomorrow we have the opportunity for a Team run so are going to get in our long run together, the training schedule is calling for 42km with a 16lb pack – should be fun :-)

We found a pack! – 1:12:07

Thursday - April 19th, 2007

At lunch I ran up to MEC and met Scooter to see if we could find a pack for her that would fit and feel comfortable, she tried on a couple but we could not find anything that work well so moved on to Raincoast.  She tried on a few more at Raincoast and after making some small adjustments to the straps found one that fit really well, while she was doing her thing with the cashier I ran out to get a couple more errands done.  I may have got in around 20’ of point to point running in at lunch with the pack, all of it at a decent pace.

After work I made it out for another pack run, a cruise along Dallas and around Beacon Hill with a stop at Thrifty’s on the way home to pick up something for dinner.

T had a date with her Big, they did dinner and a movie this evening.

Stairs instead of Hills

Wednesday - April 18th, 2007

As I posted yesterday this one will get right to the details and then you can head to Donna's Gobi Journal to read my guest blog there if you like.

The Details:
Wednesday's are supposed to be our Hill workout but I couldn't make it this week so ran a stair workout instead.  It consisted of 5 sets with 3 climbs in each.  The first 3 sets went; 1st climb, every step - 2nd climb, skip one - 3rd climb, skip two (these climbs frickin hurt!).  On the 4th and 5th sets I skipped one step on each climb.

I ran the stairs with a pack(12lbs) tonight and it was insane!  By the end of the 2nd set the legs were starting to burn a bit and by the end of the 4th I thought my legs were on fire but I wanted to push thru for one more set.  I was finished at the end, all I could do was sit down on the top step and stare down at the bottom.

Team Gobi Track Night – 1:30:02

Tuesday - April 17th, 2007

Another double day, got in run #1 during lunch with my work mate Robby.  We ran an out and back on the Songhees to Westbay Marina, it was another steady paced run.  I ran with the pack with some extra weight put in it, we weighed it just before we left the store and it came in at exactly 12lbs.  Will run with it at this weight for my next few weekday runs and let it settle in.

Got run #2 in after work, went to the UVic track for a speed session with Packman and Scooter and our guest Coach for the evening Mr. Rumon Carter.  We were also very pleased to have Brenda B join us for the session to take some pictures and chronicle the evening for us.

Coach Carter put us through a great workout starting with a good warm up then some stretching, strides and our A’s, B’s, and C’s to get all the muscles limber and firing.  The workout was 2 sets of 6 times 200m with a descending rest between the intervals and a full recovering between the sets.  We ran one 200 to set our pace time and then Scooter led the way for each interval with our goal being keeping the pace consistent on each interval.  Scooter was a machine!  She ran the first set of 6 all in 45”-46” with the last two rests being 30” and 15” respectively.  Then on the second set of 6 Coach Carter had her turn it down a notch with the goal time being 50”.  She blew us away running the first one bang on and then descending each interval after, going faster than the last with her last 200m (after the shortest rest) being her fastest of the set.  After catching our breaths and saying thank-you to Brenda we went out for a short cool down and then we were done!

With the London Marathon only a few days away and a schedule that I am sure is full-on until he leaves we are incredibly grateful to Rumon for taking the time to come out and guest Coach us for the night - Thanks Coach!!!

If you’d like the opportunity to chat with Coach Carter or possibly one of the other Rogues, Mr. Jim Finlayson, they will be at the 2nd Annual Club/Clinic Night at Frontrunners Westshore tomorrow night.

Tomorrow will be a short and sweet entry as Scooter has asked me to do a guest blog on her Journal so keep your eyes peeled over there for some sweet photos of my day and Packman’s feet :-)

Double Packed – 2:04:37

Monday - April 16th, 2007

I got two pack runs in today, the first one at lunch out to the Breakwater and then one tonight along Dallas Road to Trafalgar Park and back.  Ran both at a nice consistent pace probably right around 5’ per km.  I’ve got 5-6lbs in the pack for these weekday runs and it has already got to the point where I don’t really notice it any more, will have to add a few lbs for the next run.  I’ve yet to get my water bottle carriers attached and there are some minor adjustments I would like to make to some straps but other than that my pack has been great.

T’s night has been exceptionally busy.  She had Mountain Biking Club right after school, they went riding out at Hartland, and then she went with Roz to Jazzercise this evening.  That girl was beat when she got home!


Sunday - April 15th, 2007

I spent some time last night laying all my gear out, getting some water bottles ready, loading the pack up and even had my shoes waiting for me right by the door.  All I was going to need to do was wake up and walk out, but that proved to be a problem this morning.  I had set my alarm for 5:10am thinking it would take me a couple minutes to get up and out, then would be able to drive to the Caleb Pike parking lot for a 6:00am start on the trails, run for 4+ hours and be finished in time to pick up T around 10:30 – 11:00.  It went well - until the alarm blasted off at 5:10 at which point I rolled over and hit the ‘Snooze button’, or at least what I thought was the ‘Snooze button’, in my fumbling about I ended up hitting the ‘Off’ button.  Of course I promptly fell back asleep and didn’t wake back up until almost 10:00am, I guess I got my sleep in morning after all…

Was a bit disappointed at missing out on the run but quickly got over it and went and picked up T and Shawna, who joined us for the day.  We came back home and just goofed around for a couple of hours and then walked downtown to meet with Jules and get our Chinese Visas in order at Globe Travel.  After getting them all organized we all went to the Pita Pit for an early dinner and then went to Jules place.  The girls and Jules took Jules dog Riley for a walk and while they were out I did a bit of work in Jules bathroom, replacing a few broken tiles in her shower.

After Jules drove us back home T and Shawna spent some time geeking in T’s room.  Our only other outing was driving Shawna home and a quick stop at Thrifty’s to pick up some Froot Loops.